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Allowing for your land's characteristics and your wine's physical chemical balance

The search for and guarantee of a colour or gustatory qualities are musts for today's quality wines.

Planned applications of readily usable fertilisers increase the end product's intrinsic quality. This fertilisation strategy acts upon the soil's equilibrium and life through its effects on the soil's magnesium content, microbial biomass, and acidity. This in turn acts upon the vine's nutrition. The vine then grows better and the grapes that it bears are more balanced. The resulting wine will be of better quality and have enhanced flavour.

The right soil pH affects the quality of your must

Six mineral fertilisation acts upon the pH of your soil and, in this way, raises the quality of the must. The graph below gives the results for two series of vineyards: Anjou-Saumur and Chinon-Bourgueil.

Ca-Mg fertilisation and wine's quality

. Quality of the grapes (anthocyans (mg/l)

Through the grapes' anthocyan levels, Oxyfertil® improves their quality. Rational fertiliser application makes it possible to increase the anthocyan level over controls by 340 mg/l.

. Chemical analysis of wine (Colour intensity index)
Oxyfertil® improves the chemical quality of wines of intensifying their colour compared with controls.

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