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Oxyfertilisation®, from root to leaf
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Oxyfertil® : The new fertilisation concept

Oxyfertil® is a fertiliser based on the planned inputs of a fertilisation scheme involving six major elements (calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, and potassium) that are 100% available for the plants, completely soluble, and associated with a strong base.
By controlling topsoil acidity, Oxyfertil® also ensure better plant uptake of the fertilising elements. Oxyfertil® is available in several dosage rates, to be chosen according to:

. your crops' requirements;(Find out more... )
. dyour cropping practices and utilisation of animal effluents; ands
. your soil's needs.

By combining six fertilising elements, Oxyfertil® provides you with a complete one-pass fertilisation solution.

The products in the Oxyfertil® range come in:
. 50 kg bags,
. 600 and 1,000 kg big bags, and
. bulk

To provide our customers with a complete service, we propose logistics tailored to your needs. We can also propose a turnkey service called "rendu-racine" or "root service".
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Oxyfertil® is a fertilisation solution approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.
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To supplement this range, we propose a foliar fertilisation supplement to correct flaws in plants' food supplies.
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