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Oxyfertilisation®, from root to leaf
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Silage maize/corn

Your feed ration's energy value depends upon the quality of your maize

AOxyfertilisation® is a fertilisation concept that is based on the providing carefully worked out supplies of six major elements, namely, calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and sulphur (S), that are 100% available and at concentrations that allow for each crop's needs.

The purpose of silage maize/corn is to provide livestock with a rich feed. By applying fertilisers that are soluble and readily taken up by the plants, you improve the plants' productivity and food value.

Oxyfertil boosts the growth of the ears of maize, which are a source of starch.

Using Oxyfertil produces higher-energy silage for your stock than conventional fertilisation.


Will also enable you to enrich your silage with calcium by supplying soluble CaO. Calcium has an important effect on your livestock's health.


A soluble fertilisation scheme will enable the maize to take up mineral supplies more easily and thereby ensure better productivity.

Oxyfertil® boosts productivity.

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Foliar fertilisation
Despite the presence of nutrients in the soil, root intake is not always sufficient to ensure good plant growth. A plant can experience occasional food supply flaws.

Agriculture Balthazard & Cotte has developed a foliar fertilisation range that provides the plant with an alternative source of minerals. This is the FOLIOSTIM® range.

The STIMPHOS® solution allows for maize's specific sensitivities (Mg and Zn) in order to eliminate the effects of climatic stresses and enable the crop to express its productivity potential to the fullest.

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