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Oxyfertilisation®, from root to leaf
Free determination of your fertilising needs

Oxyfertilisation® is a set of rational fertilisation solutions aimed at making the most of the soil's potential and meeting crops' nutrient requirements through profitable and environmentally-friendly cropping methods.   Find out more...

How rational fertilising works

Rational soil amendment with calcium and magnesium improves the soil's physical structure, ensures a better chemical balance and boosts the soil's biology. By controlling topsoil acidity through the strong base that it contains, this formula also ensures better plant uptake of the fertilising compounds.   Find out more...

Increase your crop yields

prados cereais milho de ensilagem
>Meadows >Cereals       > Silage
milho em grão viticultura frutos
>Grain maize/corn >Vineyards >Orchard crops
culturas industriais oleoproteaginosas
>Cash crops >Vegetables >High-protein

More information about Oxyfertil®

Oxyfertil® is an approved, patented, completely soluble fertiliser composed of calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium that are 100% available, combined with a strong base.
Oxyfertil® enables you to increase both your yields and the quality of your cro !   
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Foliostim® is a leaf product range that allows for the specific sensitivities of each crop and is compatible with pest control programmes.
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